Watch a game in Walkabout, Bournemouth

Bournemouth, the large resort town on the south coast of England is a popular holiday destination. There are lots of pubs and clubs here, but one of them stands out: Walkabout on 156-164 Old Christchurch Road. It was designed with sports fans in mind.

Believe it or not, this great pub actually has an Australian theme, but after all, they do share the same queen, don’t they? So, what can you drink here? The most unusual thing about this pub is that it lacks beer altogether, which can be quite sad for ale enthusiasts.  The only beer you’ll find here is made of ginger. Anyhow, there is a wide selection of Aussie cocktails, shooters and bombs, for those who don’t plan on staying sober for much longer.

As for food, there are some delicious snacks such as crispy battered chicken strips, onion petals and sweetcorn fritters with maple bacon. Vegans will love mushroom bruschetta and Tempura Veg with Thousand Island dip.

If you want something more, you could try duck wings with hot sauce topped fries. Still, the main attractions are the Roo burger with salsa sauce and the Mega Wafflewich consisting in a beef burger between two giant waffles with a few more ingredients.

The pub is very student friendly offering a lot of discounts and epic parties. They organize live events quite often, but a big part of their success is due to broadcasting football games, especially those in the Premier League. They also focus on boxing matches, rugby and even Formula 1 races. Whenever there’s a big sports event, you can watch it at Walkabout in Bournemouth.

Moreover, every Tuesday is Stupid Tuesday, meaning huge discounts at shots and ridiculous competitions you learn about once you go there. Also, every Friday is Fest Friday when you should expect live CO2 shows, free glowsticks and festival inflatables only to prepare you for Selfie Saturday.

As you can see this pub caters to all sorts of clients, including those who want to dance and those who’d rather stay around a table watching a sports game. The lack of beer is indeed sad but the overall atmosphere easily makes up for it.