The Significance of the Reds Taking on the Spurs

Come June 1st, we will be taking a close look at Liverpool and Tottenham fighting in the 2019 Champions League Final. After the surprising achievements in the semi-finals by both teams, lucky punters and underdog lovers were very likely scrambling around their promotional codes and apps, like Betin, in the hopes of predicting what happens next.

What Will Happen?

As of yet, there are no clear favorites between the Reds and the Spurs. Both of the teams made amazing comebacks after each of them had been defeated in the first leg of the semi-finals. Spurs are rumored to have Harry Kane in their arsenal, though this is still unconfirmed, considering his injury and the two months he spent away from the game. Additionally, it would stand to reason that the Spurs use Lucas Rodrigues Moura da Silva, the man of the match in the semi-finals when he made a hat trick against Ajax.

Liverpool will also have to choose their own lineup carefully, though Divock Origi has more than proven himself. If he’s not in the first lineup, it would be a shame not to have him ready to play as soon as things go south. Roberto Firmino should have also recovered by now, as well as Naby Keita, though we can’t say whether they will see any action first-hand.

In the Past

Liverpool beat Tottenham in the past during the Premier League. The difference wasn’t anything astounding, but a small reminder where the Reds stand. The last time was in September 2018, and the Reds were taking flight at the time, while the Spurs lost two games in a row, something which had not happened to them for a few years.

Both times Liverpool faced against Tottenham in the season, the score ended up 2-1 for the Reds. The only hope that the Spurs have is to recreate the success of 2017 when they defeated the Reds with 4-1. If we look at their history and all of the previous clashes, it is clear that Liverpool has mostly dominated the matches, with over 80 wins, while the Spurs had only about 50.

What’s the Prediction?

It is going to sound terrible, but there really isn’t a reliable way to tell who it is that is going to win this one. The styles of play are similar, the teams, at their best, have similar capabilities, and both sides have aces up the sleeves that have proven themselves in the past, but might not be there in the final at all.

One of the reasons it is so hard to come up with a concrete answer as to who the winner will be is the fact that they were both underdogs in their previous matches. Tottenham and Liverpool, each in their own way, succeeded in overcoming their disadvantage and winning.


If we had to lean either way for whatever reason, we would say that Liverpool has a very slight edge over the Spurs. Their lineup and style of play are not the key factors here, however. It has to do more with the previous encounters with their rivals, where they have shown moderate superiority over the years, as well as the magnitude of their success in the semi-finals when compared to that of the Spurs. The final results in the semi-finals show the degree of Liverpool’s dedication to make this work.