Party 40s style in Cahoots, London

London is home to all sorts of quirky pubs and Cahoots is definitely one of them. You can find it in Soho at 13 Kingly Court, Carnaby. The pub usually opens around 4-5 pm during weekdays and a few hours earlier in the weekend.

What to expect?

The minute you enter, you will leave 21st century London behind to discover the 1940s. Most of their clients weren’t alive back then, so there’s a certain feeling of curiosity to discover post-war Britain through nothing more than a pub in the country’s capital.

The location is actually a disused air-raid shelter used during the war and now transformed into a tube station with all sorts of old art objects like decorated teacups that speak of how people used to decorate their homes with a selection of items they could find in places like street markets. It’s one of the best nostalgic themed pubs in London.

Drinks and food

Drinks are served in old mugs, vintage milk bottles, and even tins to recreate the 1940s atmosphere. You will be enjoying classic cocktails, liquors and other beverages people used to drink in that period, probably from the black market considering the scarcity of resources in the post-war era. Expect beverages like Hendrick’s gin, white wine, ginger ale, Russian standard original vodka and cherry-almond milk.

As for food, there aren’t many choices, but you can definitely eat some delicious snacks like platform pastries and toasted treats. There are several events organized at Cahoots. For starters, every Saturday you can book a Squiffy Picnic, meaning that for about £46 per person your table will get a hamper full of sarnies and picnic treats.

If you provide a 48-hour notice, the chef can create a gluten-free or a vegetarian picnic. That’s not so 1940s like, but they have to adapt to the clients that seek their service. You can call this the point where the old meets the new.

Music genres

Jazz and swing are regular here, but you will also hear some lindy hop beats, rock’n’roll and electro-swing music later in the night. Friday to Sunday after 10pm, you will listen to live music bands that match the theme of the place so that you experience an authentic and complete experience of those days. As for dress codes, you’re encouraged to look sharp in a glamourous 40s vintage style.

Things you should know

One disadvantage might be the pub’s age policy of allowing only people who are over 21 years old. Apart from this, the venue is quite intimate and you can’t book tables for more than 8 people. The standard booking time is 2 hours and you get half hour extra if you come in groups of 5-8 persons.